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Constantinos A. Hatzilakos
Air Marshal (ret) - Researcher - Inventor

22 Anatolikis Thrakis str.
15669 ATHENS
Tel: +30 69 44 38 38 60
FAX: +30 210 65 22 619



Patent protection

The technology for its unique and innovative design is protected by the World International Property Organization - Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) International Publication Nr. WO 2007/129126 A 1.

In addition there are 22 Patents awarded already from the following countries: South Africa, U.S.A., Canada, Chile, Israel, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and 3 Patents pending from Brazil, U. A. Emirates and India.

Also the European Patent Office announced recently the decision to award the Patent. This Patent is giving protection to all 20 European coastal countries, all around the coastlines of Baltic Sea - North Sea - Atlantic Ocean - Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea.

In conclusion, my exclusive rights for deployment and control of the technology are extended to an unlimited global horizon for investments, industrial and commercial cooperation.


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