Innovations of the sea wave technology

Research and development on Sea Wave Energy is under way in many Countries. However only a few projects have been carried out and much of this work is isolated. Wave energy converters, may be classified as offshore, near shore, and shoreline devices. The shoreline devices have many advantages such as high survivability, easier installation and maintenance, they not require anchorage nor lengthy underwater electrical cables, they do not interfere with shipping and have practically no environmental impacts. For these reasons, shoreline converters have low production and operational costs and are characterized by high durability and operational safety.
This new and recently invented sea wave converter employs several technical novelties consolidating common advantages of shoreline wave conversion systems. The operating concept of the device is innovative and is designed to solve efficiently major difficulties faced by wave power conversion systems such as the corrosive environment and immense loading at extreme wave conditions.

In summary, the main features of this converter and its technoeconomic performance are the following: